Adding a vocalist to your event can compliment it because it creates another dimension and spice to the overall musical experience. Sometimes, clients would ask me if I knew a singer that sang standard songs or oldies for a “Rat Pack” crowd, not realizing that singing was something I did. Adding it as an option for clients just expanded my business and market to another level. 

My Influences:

Some of us wake up in the morning, thinking about and breathing music. Singing is just an extension of this, and it felt natural to me. The all time greatest singers that inspired me the most: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Jerry Vale, Elvis Presley, Bobby Darin, Johnny Matthis, and more recently, Michael Bublé.

One-Man Band

Simply stated, this is a combination of the keyboard and singing. Sometimes, some clients request a “lively” version of music selections. These are geared towards those who want to be entertained; solo, couple, or group dancing, upbeat singing along songs, or a “jazz” trio or quartet feeling versus a solo pianist and singer. With keyboard accompaniments, the music provided is “fuller”, with the addition of bass lines, horn sections, piano sections, and a lead instrument on “top”. Essentially the music sounds more like a “band” hence the name. 

Professional Sound Equipment:

Any professional musician, singer or disc jockey should have quality equipment that will handle your event sound needs. Inexpensive sound equipment can lead to various problems; feedback, poor overall sound quality, and disappointment, which is something that you want to avoid at your event. I have equipment that is adjusted to the size of your space, but not overkill. Have you ever been to a party that was so loud that it ruined the flow?