Cocktail Piano Player:

As a pianist and musician, it is important that I remain true to the art form of music and play an acoustic piano if possible. A real piano has the feel and dynamics of pure “live’ music that can not be compared to an electric piano. Playing a tuned baby grand or grand piano at an event is heavenly bliss for the pianist and guests. As a cocktail piano player, the soothing background music I provide is perfect for wedding cocktail hours, cocktail parties, romantic dinner parties, brunches, wine and cheese tastings, candlelight dinners, and family events that are not intrusive.  

Music Selections/Styles of Music

The music that is played at your event is discussed with you, your “significant” other and family member prior to the event. Why? Music is universal, however everyone has varied musical tastes and I try to accommodate and fine tune to your needs. The music that inspires me tends to be the standard songs, classic songs, oldies, ballads, new age, Latin, ballroom, jazz, blues, and some classical tunes. Requests are always welcome. 

What if there is no piano at the event?

That may be the case at some event locations; however I own a portable keyboard and set-up that can easily substitute for your lack of one. If a keyboard or electric piano is needed for your event, please discuss the details with me personally so we can figure out what is needed at your event. Each event is different, and I would be happy to review your musical needs for your event. Services are sometimes combined.  

What sets me apart as an entertainer?

My goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction, so I try to do this a few ways.  Arriving/setting up early at your event, dressing the part, playing the time agreed upon, no excessive breaks, friendly, professional attitude and asking for requests.

dave side piano shot