Disk Jockey (DJ)

As a DJ, I make it a point NOT to be like every other DJ out there, playing the predictable “cookie cutter” musical format that every other large DJ company follows. I like to pride myself into being a little different. Why? Let’s just say that being an individual DJ sets me apart from the rest. YOU are the priority for me. 

1:1 Consultation

As a professional, I make it a priority to meet with my client(s) in person to discuss their musical requests. At a restaurant, you server does ask for your menu, selection, and asks how to you prefer your food to be prepared. Musical requests are similar. Understanding the host or hostesses requests before the party leads to better party preparation and success. The songs are hand picked for you. 

No Ego, No Cheese

IS your DJ playing songs on your “do not play” list? When you confront them, do they respond with “A guest requested it”. Many competitors are mislead by guests who try to coax the DJ into playing what they want, however if you do NOT want the chicken dance, Macarena, celebration, hokey pokey, original electric slide, cotton eyed Joe, or the “Rocky theme” as you walk down the isle, that is YOUR choice. Cheese was supposed to stay at the cocktail hour table. 

Genres of Music

I provide a “mix” of music, such as Swing, Jazz, Disco, Pop, 70’s, 80's, 90’s, Top 40, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Club, Dance, techno, Trance, Ethnic, Italian, Latin, Ballroom, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, Romantic Ballads, Classical, Instrumental, or whatever you request. You tell me what you want and I will have it ready for your party. Also, Kids Parties and “Kids” Songs with movement are also popular 

Games/Other Services/Balloon Twisting/Face Painting

At times, a party calls for additional excitement that translates into other entertainment, like “Group Games” “TV/Commercial/Movie Trivia”, and “Name that Tune”. I also provide these as well for those who prefer “hanging out” versus dancing. Many families like competitive games they can play with kids. I also work very closely with an excellent Balloon Twister and Face Painter, and  I can provide those services for your event as well. They both specialize in kids birthday parties, carnivals, non-profit fundraising events, christenings and communions.